8 out of 10 Squirrels…

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8 out of 10 squirrels enjoy drinking from Rafter E vessels…

10 out of 10 people enjoy shopping at Rafter E Studio



We are open on Saturday afternoons and when our sign is out on the sidewalk.

Thank you for a nice weekend…

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Many thanks to those who stopped by during our Holiday Sale weekend. Thanks to you, rent will be paid, mouths will be fed. And we had a lot of fun. Hope you did, too. Here are a few photos our sale, followed by information on our final event at Black Bamboo this Saturday!

This Saturday, John Eck and I will be showing our work at Black Bamboo along with several other talented, local artists and artisans. Please stop by if you are out and about. A perfect time to finish off that holiday shopping list without the hassle of…you know…those other kind of shopping experiences.
blk bamboo

Ho Ho Ho.liday Sale

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This weekend! It’s the KC Clay Guild Holiday Studio Tour weekend.
Rafter E is smack dab in the middle of the tour map. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start and for that matter, end at Rafter E Studio. Lots of new work to choose from. Please stop by. There will be handmade cookies as well as handmade ceramics!

Here is a quick peek .. at the pots! Not the cookies!




We will be looking forward to seeing you. Gift items from $20 and up.

Small Busyness

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Despite huge corporations, big box stores, and the pervasive manufacture and purchase of plastic crap (foods are in this category), I think that small businesses remain the backbone of the U.S. economy. If only the moral backbone. This is how I have recently helped to support three small, local businesses…


The adorable, finely executed hat was made by Nancy.

The T shirt (that is the old Katz drugstore in Westport!) is from Made on Main.

Cecil, the Monster, was lovingly stitched by Megan at Monstrosity.

I have chosen one aspect of my life to include exclusively purchases made by hand. As you can imagine, this “aspect” is the newest, bestest addition to my small world. This is why I choose small business…


You can see that she is on the road to being “raised right”. I am motivated to being a “small business activist”.

Saturday was “Small Business Day”. Did you know this? Please consider supporting small businesses. Buy local, purchase handmade. Perhaps you could choose one aspect of your life to be a Small Business Advocate.

Holiday Sale!

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Yep, It’s that time of year. The Kansas City Clay Guild Holiday Tour is next weekend! Grab a map and visit pottery studios all over the city and a bit  beyond. Please consider purchasing hand made items this season. Your friends and family will appreciate it, the artist will benefit, and you will feel warm and fuzzy all over.

John Eck and I will be selling our work at Rafter E Studio.  Lots of new, fresh functional forms. And dig this… Cookies! We will have cookies! Lots of cookies!

A sampling of our work…


POW…Pots On Wheels…POW!

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I am participating in an exciting ceramics adventure…check this out and click on POW’s link to learn more. If you love ceramics, you will enjoy this…

Gearing up for NCECA 2015 with a mobile education and outreach

gallery for beautiful handmade pottery–collaboration between over

100 clay artists.

In Boston, we’ve recently launched a project to spread our passion

for ceramics and design. We’re converting a 17ft bread truck into a

mobile ceramics gallery, called POW! (Pots On Wheels) in order to

bring excellent pottery to those who may not have had the opportunity

to touch clay before. Our gallery will display a diverse range of work

from over 100 artists, including Molly Hatch and Ayumie Horie. We’ll

drive around New England delivering workshops and hands-on

education to communities and schools. We believe that fine craft

makes people happy. We want to share the joys of making with a

larger audience. We’ll encourage new audiences, both young and

old, to see, touch and experience well-made functional ceramics,

made by a wide-range of contemporary artists.

Our first official wheeled appearance will be at NCECA in Providence,

where we’ll share our collaborative Cup Project with NCECA

participants. We’re in the midst of raising funds on Kick Starter to

purchase our gallery-truck. There are some great rewards for people

who pledge funds, including t-shirts, totally gorgeous original

ceramics (shipped anywhere in the world), and even a visit to your

location by Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor, who will make pots and tell

stories in front of your very eyes!


There is only a short time for you to participate and enjoy one or more rewards for supporting a worthy cause.

I will be donating these cups and more…
4 cups

The tea bowl is signed…


like this…

The cup and saucer has…

little chairs, too…

Please consider clicking on the POW link. It’s about education for the ceramic arts…and fun!

psst…shh…you can follow my blog…shhhh

and peek at my website.

Back From Denver

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Still unpacking from a trip to Art Denver. Had a great time traveling with Susan Hill, fiber artist.

Left with some money in my pocket and a great new booth shot…


Photo Booth

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New photo booth at Rafter E Studio!
Varitone paper. We use the grey to black instead of the white to black. Small soft box overhead. Table from IKEA.
This was set up in our unused shower stall so when the sidelights are pivoted to the front, we just slide the shower curtains around the track to diffuse the bulbs.

Still tweaking but have these fresh out of “the shower”…




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I used to think that forms like this…well, they look like just the top of a bottle and “where’s the bottom two thirds?” But now that I’m working on bottles, I am really liking this form.


Making bottles now for Art Denver
I’ll be headed there soon with Susan Hill fiber artist.

Next show… Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour My favorite place to take pots!

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour

September 23, 2014 - One Response

Perhaps you read my posts earlier in the year about my trip to the St.Croix Valley Pottery Tour in Minnesota. If you are a potter or love ceramics, this is a “must do” tour. If you weren’t able to fit that trip into your schedule, no worry! I have the tour info for you…The Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour.  I have participated the last two years and am preparing for my third trip to exhibit, October 4-5.

Click here to see the details and images of the work of the 18 ceramic artists who are on the tour. Note I will be setup at Florence Mill.

Or click here to connect via Facebook.

Omaha is a great place for a weekend getaway. My friend and fellow artist, John, and I have been having a wonderful time on our trips. You will see that the pottery is great and the people are a fun bunch.

Click here to watch a short video clip from a recent public television airing featuring last year’s tour. I talk!

Hope to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions. Here are a few images of work I will be taking…

Carafe.tumblers.green TeaBowl TeaPot Vase.green


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