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Waiting for a special occasion to give someone flowers?
Why wait…

Anytime is a good time…


Minnesota Pottery Tour…

June 3, 2014 - 2 Responses

Last but not least, and certainly my largest acquisition from the St. Croix Pottery Tour, my new cookie jar!

20140603-080646-29206894.jpg the photo doesn’t do justice to this lovely vessel. You will know what I mean when you look at Richard Hensley’s website
Also, here is an article by Kevin Hulch about Richard and Donna Polseno. Ceramics Monthly This concludes postings of my purchases at the Minnesota Pottery Tour and Sale. If you have not been, you should GO! The St. Croix area in Minnesota is a great place to visit. We camped, hiked, and paddled up a river. Maybe see you up there next year…





Yes. St. Croix

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Minnesota Pottery Tour. Almost finished posting the ceramics that came home with me. Today, an artist that works with animal and human narrative on both vessel and sculptural forms…

20140530-072653-26813030.jpg enjoy her website at Jenny Mendes

20140530-072906-26946946.jpg She also has a blog Looking at this wee little cup makes me think that she likes the city of New Orleans.

St. Croix, geez…

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Yes, here is another pottery tour post. I can’t help but love pots and there are so many great ones to be found, and purchased!, on this tour.
Check out the bottom of this bowl…

I purchased this one because it is an excellent example of what a great functional potter and a wood firing can accomplish. If you love wood fired pots, you know of this potter. If you also love the process of wood firing, you have seen his website. Right?
Oh yeah, here is the top of the bowl…

Next up…

20140528-130634-47194862.jpg grrrrrr!


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A potter should always have a few “cookies” on hand for glaze drip protection. Like this:

A potter should always have a few more cookies on hand. I believe these might be the only thing keeping this sheet of plastic from flying off Mr. Eck’s slabs:


St.Croix, yes…again

May 27, 2014 - One Response

I am still telling people about the wonderful St. Croix Pottery Tour. Today I am posting my purchase from Ellen Shankin

Ellen makes very handsome vessels. This vase has two openings and I am eager to get some flowers in there.


Learn more about her studio, 16 Hands, here,

Scroll down for more posts of pots and potters on the St. Croix Tour. A few more posts are coming soon…

Slab Roller Tweak

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Don’t know about you but I was finding myself bending over to get a closer look and spending a longer moment than I wanted to get the measurement set just right.

So I stuck a little wire on the arrow and look where it ended up.

This saves those precious moments of time I can use on a coffee break!

St.Croix Pottery Tour…yet again

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I have always wanted something made by this ceramic artist…


Do you know? Shoko Teruyama

This year I brought home a lovely bowl. She is very creative and executes her work with much skill. I simply love this bowl…


It is a good size bowl. Too big for ice cream but just right for popcorn.

I still have a few pots to post from the St. Croix Pottery Tour. You can learn more about the potters here.

Next up, a 16 hands potter.

St. Croix cont. yet again

May 20, 2014 - One Response

I had never looked at this potter’s website before. Oh My Gosh! She is now my favorite ceramics artist. I came home with these two gems…


I’m giving the little tray to a friend. Lucky girl.
The bowl is medium sized. Perfect for popcorn and garlic mashed potatoes and blackberry cobbler and…

St. Croix continued

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The third potter I am featuring has a studio, wood kiln, and home nestled in a valley surrounded by woods. Perhaps best known for her fabulous cups, Linda Christianson produces a wide variety of pottery to be used for food preparation and serving. My new cruet:

I think it goes well with this little basket that I acquired the last time I went on the tour.

You can see Linda’s website by clicking here.
Click here to read a short article about Linda’s thoughts on beauty.
Next up…do you know this work?:



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