Hospital Cups 2019

It is Hospital Cup time! Time to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me out during a challenging time that began on March 15, 2006. To everyone who works at St. Luke’s hospital, thank you…I am so grateful to you for doing the difficult work that you do day in and day out.… Continue reading Hospital Cups 2019

Hospital Cups 2009

In 2006, I went on a road trip and…well, I had a little coma. Bradley was on the trip with me and bore the initial traumadrama. My family and friends traveled to be with me in Georgia. My brother sat at my bedside for seven weeks. My daughter was in her last year of college,… Continue reading Hospital Cups 2009

Hospital Cups! Huh?

Awhile back I…well, I uh…had a little coma. Months later, back in my studio, it was obvious that I wouldn’t be making fifty pound platters until I got some meat back on my bones. Happily I began to move the only amount of clay that I could… one half pound. I was still in a… Continue reading Hospital Cups! Huh?

Hospital Cups 2015

Would you believe Year 10? Yes, this is the tenth year I have made Hospital Cups. I wish I could make many more for people who work at St. Luke’s Hospital and my friends and family. Seventy is a lot of cups but I could multiply seventy billion times seventy billion and still not come… Continue reading Hospital Cups 2015

Summer Schedule

The KC Urban Potters in Westport will be having a group “Planter Show”. The reception is June 29th from 5-8 pm. I will be planting succulents in my vessels for that month-long, July show! Also on my schedule, I am honored to be the featured artist at Bredin-Lee Gallery on First Friday, July 6th. This… Continue reading Summer Schedule

Hospital Cups! 2017

In 2006, I, yes, had a “little coma”…for two months. A year later, I was pretty much recovered but it was quite a life informing experience. I’ll spare you the details (I reposted some earlier posts that explain a little if you are interested. Just scroll down after this post.) This year I’m just going… Continue reading Hospital Cups! 2017

Hospital Cups! 2010

This is the post I published in 2010: In 2006, I went on a road trip to Florida and…well, I had a little coma. Long story, but when I got back into my studio months later, instead of throwing 50 pound platters on the wheel, I was only able to throw with 1/2 pound of… Continue reading Hospital Cups! 2010

Back in the Saddle…

State of the nation aside, it has been a long and challenging winter. But my studio at Hoop Dog Studio on Troost is ready and this week I started making pots. I hadn’t touched clay since last October! And wouldn’t you know, I was accepted into all the very fine art festivals that I had… Continue reading Back in the Saddle…

When You Put A Potter…

What happens when you put a potter to work in a studio full of painters and mixed media artists? Time will tell! Until then, please consider joining me at hOOp dOg studiO for my participation in the Kansas City Clay Guild’s Annual Holiday Tour. See my new work and check out my new studio home. Here… Continue reading When You Put A Potter…

Next Up

I’m headed north with ceramics to my favorite weekend! The Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour. I’m setting up at Florence Mill. A fun getaway weekend for you, too. Lots of pottery, lovely people, studios scattered about the countryside. Find all the information here… Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour I’ll be bringing some of my narrative… Continue reading Next Up