Coming This Weekend!

May 9, 2017 - Leave a Response

Please join me and others at the Midwest Pottery Fest. This weekend is packed with pots, music, demonstrations, presentations, flowers, and yummy for your tummy treats!

All you need to know is HERE.

Back in the Saddle…

February 18, 2017 - 2 Responses

State of the nation aside, it has been a long and challenging winter. But my studio at Hoop Dog Studio on Troost is ready and this week I started making pots. I hadn’t touched clay since last October!

And wouldn’t you know, I was accepted into all the very fine art festivals that I had entered. I declined them except Cherry Creek in Denver, early July.

The Urban Potters in Kansas City kindly invited me to their big selling event coming up in May. That might be my only local event except for a summer and maybe fall studio sale.

I haven’t disappeared entirely, though. My work can be purchased at the Kemper Museum in KC, Bluestem Missouri Crafts n Columbia, and Anderson O’Brien Fine Art in Omaha.

And as always, my work is available to you directly from my studio or via my website.

Right now, my first order of business is Hospital Cups! If you don’t know about that, follow this blog and you will soon. (Don’t worry, I am a lazy blogger. Your inbox will barely notice if you follow)

When You Put A Potter…

November 28, 2016 - Leave a Response

What happens when you put a potter to work in a studio full of painters and mixed media artists?

Time will tell!

Until then, please consider joining me at hOOp dOg studiO for my participation in the Kansas City Clay Guild’s Annual Holiday Tour. See my new work and check out my new studio home.

Here are the facts:

hOOp dOg studiO

3308 Troost

Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, December 2,  6 – 9pm

Saturday, December 3,  10am – 5pm

Sunday, December 4, noon – 5pm


So, yeah…you caught that, right? I had to change studios. My new studio home is still in the prep stage.
I have a little this…1

and a little that…(yes, that is a toboggan)

I have a sky light!…

I still have work to do…

But I am…ABLE…

Fortunately there is a great workshop available…

There have been few casualties…

So am I blue?…

Not at all. Cuz it just got real, baby…

And the only way is UP!…

Try to stop by on the weekend for a peek. And remember, my door will always be open to you…

I’m easy to find. I’m certain you can locate me on your map…

As always, I remain easy to find…   Thank you for seeking out  Tara Dawley Ceramics. I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of hOOp dOg studiO. Come see it in person!

Next Up

September 28, 2016 - 2 Responses

I’m headed north with ceramics to my favorite weekend! The Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour. I’m setting up at Florence Mill. A fun getaway weekend for you, too. Lots of pottery, lovely people, studios scattered about the countryside. Find all the information here…

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour
I’ll be bringing some of my narrative work and some of my newest work, too!

Labor? Day in the Studio

September 5, 2016 - 3 Responses

To celebrate his home brew that was not chilled, friend and brewer, Dan declared himself manly enough to drink from a pink can and we popped a Priscilla.  Now back to glazing.  No, I’m not supposed to be working today but fall shows are fast approaching. Photos of my new work coming soon. Schedule is up on my website!  Thanks for the afternoon break, Dan!

The Eleventh Hour

August 5, 2016 - 9 Responses

The Eleventh Hour…seen as the darkest or final hour… will be lucky for shoppers tomorrow at my Super Duper Summer Sale (Sale pots are less than half price. The tables are full up.) because…

Today, at the Eleventh Hour of my shift (I do work…pottery is not play. Well, pottery is not just play. OK!, I DO PLAY ALL DAY, get over it:) Anyway, I found two boxes of pottery in my storage unit marked “Tara archive”. In the boxes were pots that I’ve stored away for quite some time. I had kept them because they are favorites or good representations.

The sale is from 10am to 5pm, tomorrow August 6 at Rafter E Studio, 4501 Fairmount.

Here are some pictures. These “unarchived” pots are not necessarily on sale but I do tend to price modestly…

My favorite cup from my “shino phase”. This was way back when I was spraying glaze. This one has wood ash sprayed over Malcolm’s Shino…


A favorite from my “soda-fire phase”…


Also from my “soda-fire phase”, these two pitchers sport glorious colors derived from copper. I think these have a stunning surface…


Remember the green glaze? Many customers just won’t let me forget. I sold so many of these small pouring vessels. It sits on a little black base and is an excellent example of that very challenging glaze. Great for tea or olive oil, soy sauce etc. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy this one, myself…

grn tpot

Another great example of the green on this “optical illusion” cup and saucer…

grn cup:saucer

The one and only tea bowl of this design and the first time I used wire with a pot. Why did I not make more of these?

grn t bowl

Oh my gosh…I made so many of these big bowls. BIG! I kept one for myself but am letting this one go…

big bowl

Perhaps the first pot I carved with my narrative. This little cup was the start of a great body of work…

first writing

Perhaps the last cup I will carve my narrative into. It sits atop a hand built saucer.

Well, this photo is out of focus…

last writing

Out of hundreds of “narrative pots” that many of you are enjoying today, I made 3 pots with the grey surface and…I DID NOT CARVE on them. This was so hard for me. I loved to carve the narrative into those two layers of slip. I sold the vase, kept a tea bowl for myself and am going to set this tea bowl out tomorrow…

no writing

Come and enjoy! Well…I mean “shop”.



SuPer Duper Summer SaLe

August 2, 2016 - Leave a Response

It’s that time of year. “The Dog Days of Summer”. Do people still use that term? Well, I don’t have a dog but I do have the tables at Rafter E Studio full of pots at reduced prices. Less than half price!

Stop by this week if you see my car in the driveway or come to the sale on Saturday. Stock up on a stash for gift giving or treat yourself. 

Saturday August 6. 10am-5pm

Rafter E Studio, 4501 Fairmount

West Plaza area

Brookside Art Annual!

April 28, 2016 - Leave a Response

The first weekend in May must be here because I just finished setting up my booth at Brookside. 

I’m in booth # 116. Outside, not under the big tent. I know! Bummer! The weather should be fine on Friday night and Sunday. Maybe Saturday won’t be horrible?

Try to stop by, though. I have all new work. For more information about the fair check  here


NCECA 2016!

March 1, 2016 - Leave a Response

Planning your trip to Kansas City for the upcoming NCECA Confeeence? Click on my website for information and links to my shows. My work will be included in two NCECA Exhibitions and two closely associated shows. You’ll even discover my favorite barbecue restaurant!  


It Happened…

February 5, 2016 - 2 Responses

The “Dreaded Potter’s Thumb Crack” has struck again. Arriving on February the first, credit must be given to my yearly culprit for punctuality. Still at Stage One (very tiny) I will take care so that it  doesn’t split through Stage Two right into the advanced, Stage Three when a potter reaches for the Super Glue.  (If only all problems were this small.)