Minnesota Pottery Tour

This morning when I woke up, before I opened my eyes, a sentence scrolled through my head. I read, “headstart – a beleaguered attempt to capture the past” hmmm, I’ll ponder that while I post the wonderful images I captured at “The Tour 17 Annual Pottery Studio Tour and Sale by the Minnesota Potters of the Upper St. Croix River Valley” Quite a mouthful but the pottery there definitely lived up to the abundant wording. Kalika Bowlby www.kalika.ca and I drove up in a rented Chrysler (at the rental counter I said “yes” to the “do you want to supersize for just…?”). Kalika later described the car as “riding in here is like when you’ve rented one of those basement apartments with the slits of windows up high”.

Anyway, the weather was beautiful, the drive was pleasant (does it make you happy to drive by the fields of wind generators in Iowa?) We visited 41 potters in 7 studios. For more information you can visit www.minnesotapotters.com


Linda Christianson

Kristin Pavelka

Bill Griffith

Shoko Teruyama

Donna Polseno

Jo Severson

Kathryn Finnerty

Matthew Metz

Mary Barringer

B0b's friends
Bob Briscoe and friends

Such a small sampling but you can see much more on the website. Now I’m off to a favorite breakfast & lunch spot, Happy Gillis. ZoomZoomSurfin


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