Welcome to Kansas City!

This post is a welcome to Stephanie Kantor, recent graduate of Penn State. She is coming to Red Star Studios www.redstarstudios.org as our next resident artist. In addition to seeking an experience in clay, Stephanie is very much interested in the urban environment. Last year I started a file of images I call Urban Gardens. I grew up “in the woods” and now when I walk through my adopted home of concrete, brick, and iron, I am quick to note plant life. The images following particularly struck me as examples of how life can, somehow, not just survive but thrive in an environment of seeming adversity.
Hope you enjoy.

Concrete Patch 2
Towing the Line

Dumpster Niche
Dumpster Niche

Above and Beyond

Concrete Patch 3
Stronger Than Concrete

St. Flora of the Madison

Water Garden

Got Dirt?

Concrete Patch
Casual Symmetry

One for here, hold the dirt
The Columbine That Carries The Spirit of Two Women Who Lived in Debra’s House Long Ago

Water Meter
Meter Reader’s Friend

Wee Maple
Certain to Remain “World’s Smallest Maple Tree”

Planter on the corner
Corner Delight

Mandevilla Trying to Hide

Wall Relief
Wall Relief What a Relief

Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow

99 Bottles of...
99 Bottles of…

Welcome, Matt
His name is Matt. He says, “Welcome!”

Two Things You Need to Impress Your Date
Two Things You Need on a Date

Hope you find much to enjoy in Kansas City, Stephanie. See you soon!


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