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Tumblers in Process
June 25, 2009

Narrative tumblers, hmmm…how does that happen? The image below shows samples of the tumbler in process. First, the cylinder is thrown and altered. After it stiffens up a bit, a black slip, Suze Lindsay’s Black Slip to be precise, is brushed on. When that dries a tad (the tumbler is still leather hard), a thin porcelain slip is applied. After awhile, the final layer of slip dries enough to carve through and the narrative is written, exposing the dark slip and even the clay body underneath. Stay tuned for an image of the final product!


Was going to enter these in a show but missed the deadline! Rats!

Spiffy Potters
June 22, 2009

There is something that happens at Red Star Studios… a rare enough happening to get my attention and not often enough to become mundane. Spiffy potters! Here are Emily and Steve, post brunch, taking a moment to blow through the studio in order to move some work. Note Steve’s pots, front and center. These are destined to be included in the Pet Bowl show that runs through the end of July. These small urinal forms will make some dogs very happy in the future and tickle our fancy until they find permanent homes. Yes, I said “urinal”. For lil’ dogs who can’t reach to drink from the toilet!


Plants and Stuff
June 21, 2009

One of the many things I like about Red Star… the random plants that show up for awhile…then, after awhile, disappear.

Travelin' Cacti
Stephanie Kantor, correct me if I am wrong…you purchased these cute lil’ cacti when you were in Phoenix at the NCECA conference. They traveled with you to Chicago while you visited friends on the way to your home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then they accompanied you to your temporary living quarters in the historic home located just south of Red Star Studios in Kansas City, Missouri where you began your term as resident artist. They were then hand carried, as they are accustomed, to the studio and transplanted into lil’ test glaze pots you recently made in your new studio space, and are now awaiting their next move, quite soon, to your more permanent residence on Summit Street. Imagine that…

A sad little basil plant that, quite fortunately, found a wee sunny spot…just in the nick of time.

Yeah, Mary Bell is a sweet amaryllis, but check out John Eck’s ceramic work in the background.

There are “spiders” everywhere! But what about that spoon on a stick and bird in a ladle just above??

Pleasantly Calling For Platters
June 13, 2009

Well, “sort of” a “Call for Platters”. A friend of mine, Anibal…the Latin version of the name Hannibal, is a designer of interiors. He is from Caracas, Venesuela. He will be in Kansas City in two weeks with his wife, whom I am yet to meet, and we, along with our friend and local artist, John Lujan, are going on a folk art shopping adventure in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. More on that later…

He is also looking for 20-25 inch well made, colorful platters by contemporary ceramic artists. If any of my potter friends out there would like to send images of available platters, I will show them to Anibal. He needs about half a dozen more and has already acquired one from me and local potter, Debbie Wald. Send your images to the e-mail address that is listed on my Contact page. Below are some images of platters that I have made in the past.

Carved Rim

Narrative Platter



Pet Bowls?
June 5, 2009

A Ryan Greenheck show will be opening at Red Star tonight. New work…looks great. In the Side Gallery, studio artists will be displaying work for the…yes, Pet Bowl Show. Both these shows will be up for the month of June. I will be catching the opening at Missouri Bank on Southwest Boulevard to see the work of my friend, the photographer, Tina West.

Look at my wee pet bowls! Porcelain with 18 carat gold luster. Doesn’t your lil’ pet deserve the very best?

Birdie Bowl

Birdie Bowl

Gerbilly Bowl

Gerbilly Bowl

Hamstery Bowl

Hamstery Bowl

Mousey Bowl

Mousey Bowl

Pet Bowls!

Pet Bowls!