Tumblers in Process

Narrative tumblers, hmmm…how does that happen? The image below shows samples of the tumbler in process. First, the cylinder is thrown and altered. After it stiffens up a bit, a black slip, Suze Lindsay’s Black Slip to be precise, is brushed on. When that dries a tad (the tumbler is still leather hard), a thin porcelain slip is applied. After awhile, the final layer of slip dries enough to carve through and the narrative is written, exposing the dark slip and even the clay body underneath. Stay tuned for an image of the final product!


Was going to enter these in a show but missed the deadline! Rats!

4 Responses

  1. That was fun that all our friends knew each other in the gallery today. KC has really grown on me.

    • Kansas City does do that to a person, cowgirl.

  2. I love that olive-y green color the black slip is making. Maybe it’s just the hue the computer shows, but it is pretty.

    • Suza Lindsay’s “Black” Slip is a lovely dark olive green when applied and is brown when fired. It is black on her ceramics and brown on mine….hmmm
      But I happen to want brown so that is what I use.

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