I don’t know about you but for me, coffee is simply a vehicle to get cream and sugar into my mouth. Here are a few steps in the process of making a cream and sugar set. Most steps are missing…you’d need to take a workshop from me to get a “full cup”.

A one pound cylinder is thrown. The middle is pushed out against a rib to create the sharp “waist”. Couldn’t resist a lil’ poke.

cream 2
A beaky slab spout is laid into a “u” shape cut out of the cylinder. A handle is added and tiny balls of clay are popped on…just for fun. Dark slip is brushed on.

cream 3
A porcelain slip is brushed over the dark slip.

A shorter, wider cylinder is thrown for the sugar bowl. I push down the rim to make a seat for the lid. Also a waist line and a “poke”.

A wee lid is thrown upside down.

sugar 2
The knob is made to relate to the vessel’s form. (I just love to give clay a little poke.) I could never get a spoon slot to look right until I took a close look at my sugar bowl at home made by Debbie Wald. Thanks, Deb.

sugar 3
Once again, the slips are layered and the detail is tended to.

This is a great way to make a damp box. Any ol’ shelf unit, some rigid plastic, duct tape… of course, some flexible plastic and those wonderful strips of velcro that I love to hate because…

sometimes you just gotta go put some kabobs on the grill.

Good use of a kiln shelf, aye Canada?

2 sets
When the pots are still leather hard but the top layer of slip is dryish, I carve the narrative. Add a little bit of heat and…

Voila! …

Destined for some lucky coffee table…


2 Responses

  1. I’ve just finished reading your blog with tears in my eyes – tears of laugh and some tears of sadness. I wish I could just jump for a cup of coffee….

    Thank you!

    Miss you and all Red Star people,


  2. We miss you, too! There is someone else in your space now but he! is not you!!

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