What a Potter Can and Cannot Do…

A potter can do this…

Large Bowl

And a potter can do this…

4 Tall Skinny

But a potter cannot…

Tara back stretch

My friend, John, can do this…

He is not a potter. He is, however, a wonderful artist and you can see his work at

My friend, Susan, is a fiber artist.

Susan back stretch
She can do this. She also makes lovely fiber art and you can see her work at www.susanhilldesign.com

Calder, well…she can do this…she works with clay and is a sculptor.

Calder back stretch
Check out her art at www.calderkamin.wordpress.com

Stephanie is a potter and she can do this. She is 23.

Steph back stretch
I am not 23. Look at her website… www.stephaniekan.com

Angela can certainly do this.

angela back stretch
She can make pots. Mostly, she is a talented sculptor, painter, and mixed media artist and you can see her work at www.lopezangela.com

I think of Bowie as a ceramic artist. He is certainly a potter and he can do this…

bowie back stretch

But I think it’s just because he has very

Bowie long arm
long arms. See his work at www.bowiecroisant.wordpress.com

So, I am a potter and I cannot do that. I’m just glad that I can

do this. www.taradawley.com


5 Responses

  1. Every week, I look forward to finding out what you are up to. Thanks to your imagination, I get a chuckle every time. Keep up the good work, sister-in-law. I look forward to seeing you at Liz’s wedding!

  2. Good god!

    I had no clue before seeing this post, but alas, I also cannot connect my hands behind my back.

    • Of course you cannot, potter dude!

  3. great post! ha!

    • Can you?

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