Sneak Peak

The place…Red Star Studios Ceramic Center
The date…September 4th, First Friday
The time…6-9pm
The Side Gallery Show…”Food Specific”

This month we have been making vessels that are designed to serve a specific food. Here is a sneak peak at the vessels I will have in the show…

These are the tools I used:


What? No tools?? That is because I made…

Pinch pots!

I brushed on four count ’em four layers of terra sigillata.

When a batch of terra sig is mixed up, the heavy particles settle, the water rises to the top and…

we syphon off the solution of fine particles that remains in the middle. This part is what we use to give a sheen to bare clay.

When the clay dried, I buffed it with plastic to bring out that “siggy shine”.

I fired them in the electric kiln to cone 04 then brushed on three layers of glaze. Wait! What’s that? Are those l i t t l e s p o o o o n s ??? “What on earth is she making?”, you may be asking yourself. Here is a hint…they are not bowls. Here is another hint…I have a Costco card.

I brushed on three layers of another glaze.

After brushing on an undulating black line, I Ioaded them back into the kiln for a cone 06 firing. And yes, those are spoons. But those are not bowls! Really. If you have shopped at Costco this summer, you hopefully discovered…

Yummy, yum, yum, yummy. These sorbets come in the shells of oranges, lemons, little pineapples, and wee coconuts. They are toooo cold to hold onto and are odd little sizes. They don’t fit in just any bowl. So I made…you guessed it! Costco Sorbet Koozies!!

I am clever…like a fox.
Join us at Red Star Studios for “Food Specific”. We will have a very informal potluck, serving food in the vessels we have made. (12 quick foxes will eat sorbet) Check out for information on the excellent new show in the main gallery and upcoming class schedule.
The “fox” in the kiln was made by Calder.


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