Here is the, fresh out of the kiln, Costco Sorbet Koozie Set! I put a lemon sorbet in for your enjoyment…then I ate it.

This set is sold but I am taking orders!

Also showing at the “Food Specific” Side Gallery Show at Red Star Studios in September is my
“Tara’s Personal Get Your Hands Off, Girlfriend, I Am WATCHING! A Movie… Chip n Dip!”

It is small…just my size…3 inches high, 6 long and 5 wide. You can’t see it here, I got a little crazy with the dip (hey, the sorbet made me hungry!), but there is a wee blue bowl attached to the rim to hold the dip. This one is way not for sale…uh…read the title…but I would make one just for you:)



3 Responses

  1. I love your bowls and the little spoons. I missed the sorbet at Costco but I will look next time. I really love the look of the pinch bowls. I might want to think about trying that process in other forms.

  2. Your cozies are perfectly delicious! I’m loving that whole red-earthenware trend going on at Red Star.

    • Hey, thanks Sarah. I am having fun using earthenware for the monthly Side Gallery Shows. You…make a goblet for the upcoming “Bling Goblets” show! Put you bling on!

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