She Has A Name!


Thank all of you for your entries! They were all great suggestions. I especially enjoyed reading the reasons for your choices. A lot of nostalgia came my way. I have the best friends ever!
And the winner is…
the entry from…

Wait, wait! Before you scream “Foul Play!”… before you accuse us of a nepotistical romp…
Well, it is true that brother Randy had inside information… but even with that, I’m sure that when you know the name you will totally agree!! Remember how the story of the truck started out? With my father, right? Well, my brother remembered that my dad called my mom…


and Susie Q it is!


Virginia Sue Stockdale and William Earl Haddock
Married on New Year’s Day, 1951
Resting in Peace Together

Thanks to all of you for sharing my fun. Susie Q is making her debut tonight at Red Star Studios.


4 Responses

  1. I am not disappointed that I didn’t win one bit. That is a perfect name for your beautiful girl. And not making it all about me, as an aside, my family calls me Susie to this day. My dad nicknamed me as a baby and it stuck. So I can pretend you named it after me.

    • That’s great Paula. Just another reason it is the perfect name! My middle name is Sue. Tara Sue and Susie Q and another Susie, too!

  2. “Oh Susie Q
    Baby I love you, Susie Q!
    I like the way you walk
    I like the way you talk, Susie Q
    Say that you’ll be true
    Never leave me blue, Susie Q
    Say that you’ll be mine
    Baby all the time, Susie Q!”

    • Rock on, Sangjun. I hope you were dancing a little when you typed that in!

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