Mmmmm…Warm Crackers…

I recently acquired what was my mother’s cracker warmer. “What?”, you say, “Cracker warmer?” Well, I thought everyone grew up eating warm, buttery crackers with mom’s chili and vegetable stew. Silly me. While cooking several meals lately I kept hearing from my guests, “What’s that? Warm crackers? Never heard of such a thing!” Each person was skeptical, to say the least, until they partook in the warm, buttery goodness. And silly you, if you ever have an opportunity to obtain a cracker warmer and don’t take advantage. Here’s how it goes…(this will change your life)

I am guessing that this was acquired by my mom during the 1960’s. It simply plugs in to an outlet. No “on” switch, no “off” switch, no temperature control. Perhaps one reason it has lasted so long.

There are three pages of instructions for this major home appliance. Oh wait…I mean three instructions:
1. Plug in 2. Put in crackers 3. After eating crackers…unplug

This butter dish was made by Audrey Jones, a potter in Washington D.C.

I made this small plate last year by altering a slab and adding a foot ring to the bottom. You have learned from an earlier post that I like to give clay a lil’ poke. Did you know that I like to poke high temperature wire into clay? Can you see the wee loops?

mmmm…warm, buttery goodness.

All I need now is a great butter knife. Perhaps I should make one?

I am not exaggerating when I propose that your soon-to-come winter will be hugely enhanced by the addition of warm crackers. It’s right up there with these winter treats: putting on warm socks and jeans right from the dryer, deep claw foot bath tubs, warm cocoa…(made for you by someone else), and fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Hey! Wait a minute…”cracker warmer”, “fresh out of the oven… ” IT’S A COOKIE WARMER!!! …gotta go.


6 Responses

  1. I never heard of warm crackers, but your brother sure swears by them. Why we didn’t end up with the cracker warmer I’ll never know except that maybe it was yet another thing to lug all the way home. Your brother uses our little toaster oven and he does it to chips too. Hey, it could pose as a chip warmer too!

  2. Your pots are tremendous! Such great colors and textures, and I don’t say that too often.
    My parents had one of those bread.roll warmers, too, although the bottome was a different fabric.
    Simplicity itself to use, as you pointed out.
    Pot on!

  3. Where can I purchase a cracker warmer?

    • I have never seen a cracker warmer other than this one. It could have been made in the late 50’s or during the 60’s. Information on the back says: Salton Hotray, Automatic Bun Warmer, Salton Incorporated, New York, NY, Model WB 5

  4. Where can I buy a cracker warmer???

    • I have never seen another like it. The information on back says Salton Hotray Automatic Bun Warmer, Salton Incorporated, NY New York, WB5

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