To Write Or Not To Write…that is the question.

Remember these pitchers?

Well, Debbie Wald left a comment daring me not to write on them.

I made some more. They are made out of a stoneware that is not smooooth like the first bunch. “Ruff”!


I put slip on them.

I put more slip on them.

Do you dare me not to write on these? I dunno if I can keep my tool off! Maybe I can leave them blank….what if I just wrote on them… a little? Just a bit. A wee bit? I think I have six of them now. I’m leaving for the studio now. I’ll try my best not to wr……


2 Responses

  1. NOOOOOOOOO don’t do it. Leave them smooth and buttery. Besides the only person that understands your ramblings is you!

    • I figured that was you when I got the e-mail to moderate that comment. It’s just texture! All my pots look best when they are leather hard…smooth and buttery. But then they dry out and get fired with some stupid glaze. They won’t look smooth and buttery in the end (one could say there are smooth and buttery glazes but they are not the same as mmmmsmoothandbutteryclay) … so they may as well have some texture. (I appreciate your comments because then I know someone is reading:)
      Soooo…I wish all my work could stay leather hard! But it cannot…

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