Lorna Meaden & Mark Peters at Red Star

Last weekend Red Star hosted one of our most informative and enjoyable workshops. Brought to us by the Potter’s Council, Lorna Meaden and Mark Peters demonstrated for three days. Potters from all over the country left Kansas City with dozens of ideas and great memories.

I had never met Mark before. As you can see, there is More Pottery in his head as well as to his right.

Mark makes some things by dropping them!

Here are a few little things he didn’t drop. Mark is perhaps the King of Facet. He made some lovely big pitchers, jars, and trays but they are in the bisque kiln right now and I didn’t get a picture. He puts demo videos on his website, just so you know!

This is my Great American Folk Art Chair.

This is Mark making a clay stamp from my Great American Folk Art Chair.

(the stamp made a good impression)

Red Star owner, Susan Hill, dropped in every day to say hello.

Lorna evoked plenty of “ooooh’s!” and as you can see, at least one “ah!” over the weekend.

Didn’t want you to miss this lovely little scoop that she made from wheel thrown parts.

Just a girl and her can, no?

3 Responses

  1. Nice to see some pictures from the workshop. Thanks!

  2. Hey Tara, thanks for letting me stamp your chair! It’s a keeper.

  3. You betcha, Mark. Happy stamping!

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