UMKC Architecture Students

Six first year students are going to design a retreat for me, a 10x10x10 cube. Yay! We had a meeting today and they gathered information from me as to what exactly my needs are.

The following is a message to them:

Here are the images I said I would post. I would like to add the following to our discussion of today. I do not like clutter and although I don’t want many possessions, I do end up with “stuff”. I mentioned that I want lots of shelf space but add this thought to your list… when I am in my space and look around, I do not want to see “stuff” very much at all. I want all those storage spaces to disappear visually. I said that I had open shelving at home and my work space in my studio has open shelving… maybe that is why I want my retreat to not have that. I do need one bank of open shelving in my immediate work space to set pots and tools when working. I need the 5 bags of clay to be on the bottom and enough room to set 10-20 pots of different sizes.

My studio is actually about 10 x 10

My kitchen…how I want it at home but not in my retreat. Less stuff to look at, please!

This is my favorite chair at home. Feet up…a must.

Thanks and good luck.


3 Responses

  1. Still trying to work in the chamber pot. Everything else was a breeze!

    • Travis! Does that mean I made it too easy?

      • I’m trying to act confident so that when you see the finished product, you won’t know how much time I spent freaking out having no clue what to do.

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