Shino Pitchers!

Remember these pitchers?

I tried. I tried not to write on them…really I did.
I failed…
Here they are. Yay!
Do you have a favorite?







The next one is my favorite. I’m sending the image off to Malcolm Davis for a shino show entry. I’ll let you know if it gets in…wish it luck…
shino entry 1
It has a left side.

shino entry 2
and it has a right side. I sandBLASTED the rim and the handle! That was fun!

shino tumblers
I made some tumblers too!


6 Responses

  1. Hello Tara,
    very nice pitchers! I actually like that you write on your pieces and my favorite is the first one you have up there. The chairs seen from different perspectives are cool! Good luck with getting into the show!!
    Greetings from Chicago,

  2. I like the first one and I really like the chairs.

  3. Nice work Tara. Good luck on the shino show.

  4. Tara – They are all stunning! I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Good luck with the show.

  5. My favorite is the one right before your favorite! I wonder if it is your least favorite…

    • Actually, that one is my second favorite!

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