The Gym

One of the many, many reasons I enjoy living on the Westside…the gym. The first thing you notice about the gym is that it is orange.

Very orange.

We use a lot of electricity at our gym.

Maybe because we have many small home appliances…
Our deep fryer comes with a booklet.

Sometimes we fix fondue. Can you do that at your gym?

We have many lamps.

This is almost my favorite lamp. Pretty cool!

This is my favorite lamp. (Westside, remember?)

My favorite lamp has pottery…

a cactus…

and me!

We have many televisions!

This is my favorite television. I watch VHF.

(We have many ashtrays at our gym…but we don’t smoke.)


We like to entertain at our gym so we have sofas…


We have entertainment areas!

We have macrame’…

We have art…

We have a team!…

We even have a…

The gym provides transportation…

But who would ever want to leave?

Of course our gym has equipment…

Oh yeah, we have all that “fancy” equipment, too, whatever…

But at our gym, the equipment is accessorized…

Accessorized with style!…

Red Star Studios resident artist, Stephanie Kantor is a member of the gym on the Westside.

Oddly, I see her there every day.

At your brightly lit, not orange gym, you listen to snappy pop music.

We listen to Motown.

My daughter, Whitney is in grad school in St. Louis but she goes to her gym as often as possible.

This picture was taken of us quite recently. We plan to be fit and beautiful forever…

So there!…


You can see all this and more at Scott Fitness on the Westside!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been a member of Scott Fitness for three or so years and have been going to this gym in particular for over a year. If I ever leave Kansas City, I’m taking it with me — not just the 3.0, all of Scott Fitness. Apologies in advance.

  2. Just leave Farrah behind for me! (For those not “in the know”, we name our cardio equipment at our gym.)

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