My New Studio…uh, sort of…

Remember I told you that I went to meet with six UMKC architecture students. Their assignment was to design a 10×10 foot cube to meet the needs of a client. And! I was chosen by teacher, John Eck to be one of the clients.

When we met, I told them that I wanted them to design a studio. I needed workspace, sleeping quarters, cooking area, a computer area, a projection wall, and shelving to display my work on the outside. We also talked about things like good ventilation, lighting, and storage. I left them what turned out to be a big “things to do list.” (oops…later I found out that another client requested a room for meditation.) Weeks later, I went back to see their drawings and 10 x 10 inch models. I was blown away by their creativity. Take a look at these…

This one was designed and made by Reuben Ruhl:

It has a good lookin’ front.

The students used balsa wood, plastic, cardboard, strings…

Reuben thought it would be cool if one wall was used for space for my friends to paint murals. I’d told them that the plan was to take the cube studio all around the country visiting ceramic studios. Would you like to paint on my cube?

Wow! There is a whole room that pulls out!

Jacque Griffith designed this cube.

I love this pull out that creates a breeze way and display case.

Look at my sleeping quarters! Is that not the coolest thing?

A view from the back.

And Jacque made all this great furniture for me…the kind that stores inside each other to conserve space. Look! There I am standing in the middle! She put that there for scale thankyouverymuch.

Looking at this “simple” cube produced by Brandon Reddick, you wouldn’t expect…

Sections pulled apart, panels flipped down and I flipped out!

I absolutely loved the top view of Brandon’s model! He gave me all this “stuff” and left me with a 10×10 foot workspace!

Future architect, Blake Betsworth…just a cube, right? Yeah, maybe that grey panel will flip down and that roof might pop up a bit…

This model did more pivoting than a basketball team! The walls accordianed out!

Things moved! Then more things moved!

Blake gave me the “backporch” I wanted. Can’t you see me pulling up next to your studio, flippin’ down my back porch and settin’ the cooler out so we can talk pots?

Stephen Emery’s model was very well made. He put a lot of thought and planning into providing me with a convenient workspace. And isn’t it attractive? One thing I learned early on about architects…they love windows. They love glass! They love natural light! Here are two photos of Stephen’s project that John sent me. Stephen completed his project while not feeling well. He made it through the presentation in fine order but had a little tweaking to do before the picture was taken.

Very well tweaked, wouldn’t you say?

Alright…you gotta see this…

I’m going to sneak you in at the back of Travis Finn’s cube.

Getting a little curious, eh?

hmmmm, I wonder…


wow! Wow! WOW! I don’t even have to say anything!

But I am going to… Travis “attention to detail” Finn. Thank you. Construction workers nail it. But before that can happen…architects “nail it”. Oh! That should be on a T shirt. Architects “Nail It”

And a big thank you to all the students for their hours of work. I hope they learned a lot! I learned a cube is just a cube…until architects get their hands on it.


3 Responses

  1. Very cool. Life in a !0X10 cube. Could be nice.

  2. this is really amazing… how lucky to be chosen to participate. i’m intrigued by all the ones that pull apart, fold out, etc. but i think the first one that comes apart on wheels to reveal the sleeping quarter is the one i like best. cool stuff

    • I was really surprised by the variety of ways that the students resolved the assignment.
      It’s fun to think about having a portable studio!

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