Don’t Try This At Home

I learned something today! When you are working in your studio and it is cold…very cold…as in 55 degrees and you have had your hands in water and have been standing on cold concrete and have been working with very cold, seemingly frozen clay for hours, never, ever point your heat gun at yourself in order to enjoy a brief moment of warmth. You will scorch your wool sweater.

2 Responses

  1. bad for the sweater and dangerous for you. Sorry about your sweater and damndable weather. Is damndable a word? My mom always said it and it seemed appropriate.

    • At least I didn’t make a hole in my sweater…just browned it. There is “damnable”. It means worthy of condemnation. I think the word “damned” would be more correct, as the doom is presently at hand. Damn.

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