Where’s My Truck?

People have been asking me how my truck (Susie Q) goes in the snow. My answer is “She does not go in the snow!”
Fact is, she could go quite well in the snow with her big, luggy, farm tires. But I plan never to put her on a snowy, salty, or even a wet road. Of course the next question is “Where is she? Where is your truck?”

This is my back yard.

Note the absence of a garage. Well there is, sorta…I keep my scooter in the shed.

My answer to the question above: “She is safely tucked…in…a…cave” A cave?
Yes…take a little ride with me in my green Escort.

This is Madison Avenue, my street.

Now we are going south on Summit. Past the Bakery. Fred is in there right now. (I was the first Bread Lady. Did you know that?)

This is Jane and Randy’s house at 20th and Summit. It is for sale. You should buy it.
Jane makes pots. Randy doesn’t. But he glazes hers!

West on the Boulevard, past Red Star Studio’s favorite Mexican restaurant. The little business to the left, with the red front? That is my barber’s shop. Paul.

Boulevard Brewing.

Take a left at the DAV. This is a good place to shop. I bought a chair there and my daughter, Whitney and I duct taped it!
You can do this, too. But my daughter won’t help you.

Take the next left and Look! The cave!

Going down!

I’m good. I don’t think I have been over height, any time, for any reason.

Owned and operated by Dean Realty Co. Developers, this cave offers cozy storage, office, and warehouse spaces. And!

A parking spot for Susie Q. There’s my truck!

When I signed on with Dean Realty, I received a handwritten thank you note from the owner! When does that happen??

I also received a holiday greeting picturing the Dean “family”.

Look! They all signed it and a coffee shop gift card was tucked inside!

When does that happen! You can learn more about “Kansas City’s Commercial Real Estate Resource” www.deanrealtyco.com


2 Responses

  1. OM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Tara, what a great place to stoe your truck. It has to be one of the best kept secrets in Kansas City. BUT then again I am a little bias. But if any of your friends have similar needs, especially artists like yourself, i will give everyone of your friends a great rate to store any of their excess personal items in our SMART STORAGE climate controlled personal storage units. Just have them call me at 816-931-0384 on my private direct number. Thanks again for choosing DEAN REALTY for your storage needs.

    Larry McMillin leasing manager Dean Realty

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