“In The Studio” or “the aftermath of Christmas: the demise of Santa”

It’s glaze testing time!

I am very protective of the container I use on my beam balance…if I lose it. I’ll have to eat a tub of Cool Whip. Perhaps quickly. See that metal spatula? If you ever see one, BUY IT! It is perfect for scooping out small gram measurements for tests. This one came from a chemistry lab and I have not been able to find more. I actually want to have a dozen or more to give to our resident artists over the coming years.

I use a little cup screen purchased from Bracker’s Good Earth Clay. It is a time saver.

Here is the first round of test glaze mixing. My buddy, Andy Rogers is sending me some more recipes…glazes that produce crystals!

Taking a moment to open up a holiday gift. Chocolate Santa…mmmmm.

I have to fill up the kiln, Julie, with pots to test these glazes. So…

This is the style of vase I am working on currently.

Bird’s eye view.

Closer up so you can see the handle and the inside bottom. I did not write on this one! I think it wants to have a celadon applied. A light green one.


Here is a duo waiting for procelain slip and narrative carving…I have to write on something!

I’m using four different clay bodies right now. That’s silly. Here is B-Mix from Laguna and Phoenix from Highwater.

This is a red cone 6 body made by Flint Hills. I am also using the porcelain, Frost.

Chomp, chomp!

I am invited to have work in the La Mesa place setting show. Sponsored by Santa Fe Clay, it will be at NCECA. Pretend these are glazed and look for them in Philly in March:

Chomp, chomp,chomp…goodbye Santa! (Thanks, Kanada) Now where’s that Easter bunny!

Before I go home…gotta get those chargers spinning so I can trim them tomorrow…



2 Responses

  1. glaze testing… need to do some of that myself. don’t really like the mixing part but i like the seeing-the-results part. pots are looking great. i noticed the triple beam scale there and am wondering if i would do nearly as much testing if i had to use one. i think digital scales have come down in price significantly since i got one but they’re accurate to within 1/10 of a gram.

    • Ya know, Jim… I have always liked using the triple beam. I like sliding those little parts up and down and hanging the extra weights on…the acts of doing. That’s why I have been slow to go digital. A digital scale is on my wish list, however. Just haven’t taken the time to do the research on which one to acquire.

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