See below the information for the show which has included this pitcher…
You potters out there will enjoy the words of our friend, Malcolm. (You non potters out there, “Look at the pretty colors!” Hey!…I’m just teasing…geez!)

And here is an image of my 2005 cruet set that was invited to the first shino show that is mentioned. Oh, now that’s a vintage Tara. Speaking of vintage, Red Star’s Side Gallery features vintage work from studio members! That only comes around once a year!

If you find yourself near Port Chester, New York, stop in and see the show!


curated by Malcolm Davis

Curated by Malcolm Davis, this invitational exhibition will feature a magnificent spread of shinos and carbontraps by 74 clay artists from across the nation and abroad.

This exhibition will run from
February 6 – March 6, 2010

Saturday, February 6, from 6-8pm
Gallery Talk: 7pm

About SHINO REDUX 2010:
Shino, a generic term for a family of pottery glazes that originated in Japan in the 16th century, is a glaze that has captivated the imagines of hundreds of potters for hundreds of years. This particular exhibition is redux or “restored” – a sequel to a similar invitational exhibition that Malcolm Davis curated in 2005 in Baltimore. Shino Redux 2010 is an updated version of that exhibition, featuring new artists on the shino “scene” along with those who are recognized for their accomplishments with this persnickety and challenging glaze medium.

Curator Malcolm Davis states, “In this exhibition, there will be all manner of pots and non-pots, white and gray, peach and salmon, fat and thick, quiet and dramatic, big and small, crazed and crackled, crawled and pitted. There will even be some yellows and some blues, and some work that challenges the meaning of what makes shino shino. Redux is a Latin word meaning “brought back” or “restored” and we are bringing back even more variations of shino-type glazes with this sequel shino exhibition. I’ve invited both masters and students to participate in this national exhibition, and the results will be a magnificent spread of shinos and carbontraps.”

HoffmanParticipating artists include: Dan Anderson, Edge Barnes, Parviz Batliwala, Joseph Bennion, Fiorenzo Berardozzi, Dalia Berman, Susan Bogen, Lynn Smiser Bowers, John Britt, Caroline Cercone, Connie Christensen, D. Michael Coffee, Tom Coleman, Charity Davis-Woodard, Tara Dawley, Bruce Dehnert, Aileen Florell, Brett Freund, John Glick, Chris Gustin, Lisa Hammond, Deborah Harris, Kent Harris, Robin Henschel, Catherine Hiersoux, Samuel Hoffman, Gary Holt, Gary Hootman, Dale Huffman, Walter Hyleck, Matt Hyleck, Doug Jeppsen, Nick Joerling, Reena Kashyap, Eric Knoche, Laurie Knopp, Sandy Lockwood, Lee Love, Cory Lum, Chris Luther, David Lynas, Ginny Marsh, Marta Matray, Jonathon McMillan, Priscilla Mouritzen, Rene Murray, Hank Murrow, Dale Neese, Gisele Nimic, Andrew Nolan, Hiroshi Ogawa, Gillian Parke, Roberta Polfus, Les Richter, Dave Roberts, Stephen Rodriguez, Phil Rogers, Deborah Rosenbloom, Toni Ross, Harriet Ross, Steve Sauer, Eric Sawby, Carol and Richard Selfridge, Jeff Shapiro, Machiko Shishido, Rob Sieminski, Joe Singewald, Claude W. Smith III, Will Swanson, Priya Tambe, Georgia Tenore, Joe Vitek, Sharon Kelley Warrington, Tom White and Malcolm Wright.


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