Rising Stars

No sneak preview today. Home with a head cold and didn’t slip into the studio to snap some shots of the Rising Star Show.
But you are still invited!

Friday the 5th 6-9pm
Check out my place setting and other studio member work in the main gallery.
Be sure and look for my “vintage” place setting in the Side Gallery show…teehee It is 10 years old! See how far I’ve come!

Here is an image of the place setting (and more) before the final firing. It just came out of the kiln yesterday and I didn’t feel up to a photo shoot…

I hope to feel better tomorrow and plan on being at the opening. aaaaahh choo! I promise not to kiss you.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Tara
    Were you at Malcolm’s shino workshop last week ?
    I had some pieces I glazed and fired in the redux. with mixed results.

    • Hi Steve. I was not at the workshop. I have a pitcher in that show, though. Yes, shinos can be a persnickety crew. If you are using what you believe to be a reliable shino, you want to be sure that the kiln is being reduced correctly. Shinos don’t necessarily need an extra heavy reduction. Some want an early reduction. I start reducing at 012. Application is important, too. They don’t like to be on too thin (no carbon trapping) or too thick (bubbly and discolored). Some shinos refire well. Good luck!

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