What Carolyn Missed In Class Today

OK Carolyn, you suggested this technique for our plate themed advanced class. And then you did not show up for class! Just teasing…we knew you were having a fun morning learning about photography so we took these pictures to show what we did in class.

Last week we trimmed plates and altered the rims by cutting away parts. We made sure to wrap them up tight so they would be leather hard for today’s project. I guess this would be called the “using paper resist and applying slips” technique. Is there a real name for this?

Jeff K. was a week behind so today he trimmed his plate and cut the rim away slightly so that the width undulated just a little. We have decided that making plates is not too difficult, trimming them can be difficult, and decorating them can be TEDIOUS!

Basically what we are doing is laying pieces of newspaper on the plate, wetting it so that it stays in place, brushing over colored slip, and pulling up the newspaper.

again and again andagainandagain…
You could say I made a small plaider.

Jeff V. put very bold designs on his two plates.

This one has an especially good looking rim, I think. He cut away the rim then topped it with a small coil, blending it in verrrrry smoothly.

This picture was in focus…Debbie is just moving very fast. I am eager to see her plate after firing because she built up numerous thin layers of slip. We will bisque the plates, apply a clear glaze and fire to cone 10.

Maria went above and beyond the call of duty.

Snipping, clipping…

…dipping and slipping.

So Carolyn, you have some catching up to do!


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