Two Gifts and a Glaze Test Tip…

Remember my posts of little gifts that people leave in my studio. Yesterday I received two!

This is probably the yummiest orange I have ever eaten. Thank you, whoever left it on my table!

The next gift had to be unwrapped…

Uh? I am loved!

Here is perhaps a useful tip when testing glazes…

I tested a glaze last week that turned out to be very runny. This week I made several alterations to stiffen it up. It was so runny on the first tile that it was impossible to see how much it had actually moved. So on these tests, after dipping, I sponged off the glaze on the edge of the tile and marked a line where the dips ended. There are two lines because I wanted to see a single and a double dip, of course. Hopefully, this will help me see exactly how much each modification moves. And I do want it to move…but just the “right” amount.


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