In The Studio…and another GIFT!

Yes! It is a bucket. A bucket on a wee pot. This two and a half incher was made and decorated by Stephanie Kantor. Perhaps I shall plant something very tiny. Thanks, Steph!

What’s this?…

Pitchers without handles? Horrors! Must take care of that…

Hunk of clay. Pat into a ball. Smack into a cone.

Instead of pulling handles like a…well like a “normal” person, I attach the cone to my wheel head and begin to pinch.

Pinchy, pinchy.

Hopey. Changey.

Then I invert it, dunk it in water and smooth it out.

A dashing trio, aye Kanada?

The surface is carved so deeply that I fill in the carves where the handle will be attached. I could have left that little area uncarved but that would have taken some forethought now wouldn’t it? Actually it takes about 10 seconds to fill it in…that beats forethought any day!

(If you are reading this, you must now hold up your arms and shout “SCORE”!

Attach the top.

Attach the bottom.

Call me crazy but I like a nice, crisp line on the edge of the handle.

Sometimes I roll “Tara’s Very Important Board” across the bottom of the handle. Sometimes…I don’t.

Aw…much better.

And then…

And then…

I ate that orange. my website.


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