Make Three Tea Pots – Nine Easy Steps…

This is how you can make three tea pots in nine easy steps. (You can do this.)

Step 1.

Throw some things. You will need one big thing and two small things.

Step 2.

Trim a ring on the bottom of the big thing.

Step 3.

Trim the top of one of the small things.

Step 4.

Fix that place that you gouged with your finger when you sneezed.

mmm, much better…

Step 5.

Carve all around that big thing.

You can put one of those small things in the big thing while you eat your lunch. Top it off with that other small thing.

Step 6.

Drill some holes in the big thing. It’s a Tea Pot, remember…geez.

Step 7.

Onto the big thing, stick one of the small things and set the other small thing. Do not mix up the words “stick” and “set” in this step. Geez.

Step 8.

Make a third small thing and stick it on the back of the big thing.

And last but not least! To make three Tea Pots in nine easy steps…

Step 9.

Do that other stuff two more times. You can do this…

One Response

  1. LOVE IT! i must get right on making small things to stick on and put into big things LOL

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