Sculpture Class, Grrrrrrr…

Sculpture class at Red Star:

My favorite parts of this antelopey creature are the ears. I love the bit of raggediness…thoughtful detail.

Just try and tell me these insects are not the coolest. Just you try…grrr.

Teacher, Calder Kamin’s sculpture here. Yep.

Can’t wait to see this beasty finished up.

Jim and I got tickled because I had been walking around class commenting on the wonderful sculptures, taking photos…and then I got to him…well, he was just getting started on this one…it is probably his second one for the class. Since everyone had cool, almost finished sculptures, we decided to include him in this shot…which is out of focus because I was giggling.

The animal in this picture is not the clay piece on the banding wheel. Grrrr

Just another day at Red Star Studios…


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  1. I truly love Red Star

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