The Last Firing At Red Star (Westside)…

Well here it is. The last “big Geil” loaded up ready to go…

Topped off by Anne and John Mulvihill…

You know how when you are cleaning or packing up and things look worse before they look better?

Well that was yesterday. This is today…

Yes…much better. The pots are half price, by the way.

Yep, those pots.

The packing up has been very challenging. But it has been going well because we have a system…

Oh yes we do.

Dumpster diving…Red Star style…

We are a classy bunch, indeed.

All this and we are preparing for a weekend workshop, too!

Artist reception for Mike Jabbur, Friday at 6pm til …well until we leave. He will be teaching the workshop this Saturday and Sunday. Talk and slide show free to the public on Saturday at 2pm. Stop by and say hello to him then if you can.

The gallery is open Thursday-Saturday, 10am – 4 pm. It will reopen at Belger at 20 something Walnut the first of June.

Now in the studio… lots of studio work for sale…some big discounts! We do not want to pack pots!!

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