What Do You Get When…

What do you get when you are nice to a very good potter?

A lovely lidded jar.

What do you get when you are nice to a very nice, very good potter?

A lovely lidded jar and a sweet bud vase.

The maker?

Our very own Mike Jabbur, former Red Star Resident artist who went on to acquire his Master’s Degree at Ohio University, is now the Studio Manager at Santa Fe Clay. Mike came to teach the last, very last workshop at Red Star (Westside). And an excellent workshop, indeed. Observing this workshop was comparable to attending the symphony. A delight to the ears, a treat for the eye (he’s so cute…uh I mean his work is so lovely), and a challenge for the mind. Mike is one of the, really not so many, potters who succeeds at balancing the needs of function and aesthetics in ways that engage and delight.

Thank you for the two “leave behinds”, Mike. For those of you who do not have potters as friends (can that be possible?), this is what potters do. They leave behind pots…when they visit a friend, when they move out of apartments, and

when they vacate a studio…

Sometimes it’s just a cup.

Sometimes it’s a bunch of cups and a bud vase.

Sometimes it’s a cow.

Sometimes it’s cups stuffed down in the bottom of a creepy hole. Bowie? Stephanie??

Why do potters do that? Maybe we leave a gift for a friend for the same reason any gift is given. Maybe potters are intrigued by or respect the permanence of the objects they create. Much excitement has come from finding shards that are thousands of years old. What will happen when our shards are discovered? (I hope no one finds that cruet with the plugged up spout that I finally threw out!) Or maybe we are just a bit odd. One thing that I have discovered while learning about ceramics…rarely is there one answer to a question. Perhaps we potters do this because we are kind, awed by our craft, and a tad eccentric. I would answer to that.


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  1. Oh so sweet.

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