It’s A Wrap!

It’s a wrap…

It’s a wrap, too…

No more gallery…

No more Westside chic…

No class tonight…

“Hey, we’re outta talc!”

Nobody in the yeast room…

No balcony seat…

Tamale lady’s here! Oh, no…guess that’s just the wind knocking.

Nope. You won’t find her back in her corner…


Tara has left the building.

Beginning in June, you may find us at the Belger Building, 2100 Walnut. Come visit!


One Response

  1. Oh Tara! My eyes are sad. Love your artistry and way to make the move so ……….well moving.
    Change is hard for some people and me more than most. I can only hope that our family of potters and wannabees will be together again.

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