What Else Do Potters Do When They Are Not Making Pots?

Potters spend one morning watching a rain drop of …

roll down a leaf.

Zippity. Not!

When potters finish that “activity”, they get to work…

They fill up their kitchens with pots and papers. They unwrap and sort and wrap. This is verrrry hard work so they always stop to make a…

pretty little salad. After the task at hand is complete (potters never start another task before they have finished the first one), potters often go shopping…

This potter went shopping for a lamp but found this instead. She did not buy this. But it reminded the potter of a birthday trip her daughter gave to her. Have you been to Lucas, Kansas?

The Garden of Eden is in Lucas, Kansas. Did you know this?

This is Eve and what’s his name.

There are lots of things to look at at the Garden of Eden…

But this is one potter’s favorite…

All potters love to go to Lucas, Kansas.

Especially when their daughter takes them!


4 Responses

  1. I saw the Garden of Eden on Rare Visions- you can probably find the episode if you want, as well as many other find Roadside Attractions! A KCPT gem.

  2. We need to find another Garden of Eden-esque site to visit.

    • Soon!

  3. i just did the unwrap wrap thing about 3 times

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