Putting these photos up for Susan Hill. Last night we aimed the tailgate of Susie Q at Union Station and watched the firework show. The show was put on by the family run business of our potter friend, Debbie Wald. I took the images for my friend and artist, John Lujan. He uses close up and blurred images of flowers as inspiration for his fabulous rug designs. Susan wondered about that for her design process, too. So…..instead of parceling out e-mails to my friends, I am posting here.

Sidenote: In Belgium today, thousands of people, as an expression of gratitude for their freedom, visit the three cemeteries where over three hundred U.S. soldiers are buried. One man travels from the U.S. every year vowing never to miss a Memorial Day in his home country. His family, along with many others, was saved by the efforts, and loss, of the United States.


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