What do potters do when they don’t have a studio?
They hop on a big plane in Kansas City…

they hop on a small plane in Denver…

and are driven through the foothills…

so that they can teach a workshop in another potter’s studio!

Owned and operated by studio potter Bonnie Schlesselman,
Potters’ Depot is housed in the old train station of Buffalo, Wyoming.

If you go to Potters’ Depot, you will be greeted by a lovely, well stocked gallery…

as well as Luke, The Studio Dog.

(If you are not a potter…The Studio Dog is an official title, by the way.)

At Potters’ Depot you will find a well accoutered studio, very neat and clean…

…complete with an adept and pleasant assistant by the name of Carissa.

If you teach a workshop at Potters’ Depot you will find…

a comfortable room, in which the huge doors open to reveal…

an enclosed kiln shed and…


Potters, can you imaging working in this spot with those tall doors open… feeling the cool breeze, listening to the birds and the rushing…

mountain stream that encircles the property?

So, now for the workshop. Here is my group…

Hey! Pay attention…I’m woRKing here!

There now, that’s better…got your attention…

See? You learned somethun.

Oops, losing them again.

I think it must be time for…

Music on the back porch and…

dinner with my new friends (the room was full of people but I couldn’t take my eyes off the view out the kitchen window)
because… what potters like best of all are…

EMPTY POTS! Indian food (Eastern)…delicious.

Now I leave you with images of my Monday morning canyon walk and something I learned about grizzly bears…

Wait! Did I just hear the word, “wolf”?

The mountain rivers were a bit muddy due to recent rains.

Lunch stop.

…and then I left Wyoming. But not before I learned…

when conditions are right, a grizzly bear will consume 20,000 moths per day. When a bear is foraging for this favorite food, he is so focused that you can actually walk up and…

“slap him on the butt”.

So they say.

Also heard, “Wyoming is a great place to visit…

but you wouldn’t want to live there!” They told me to tell you that!

Potters’ Depot
you should go there, too!



3 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed the workshop and looking at your blog! I hope that you have a great summer!

  2. Tara, just can’t tell you what a joy it was to attend your work shop. You made it not only interesting but fun. I would do it again! Glad we got to know you a little better. Pat

  3. As one of those – Wyoming potters – it was great to see my “home” so well represented in pictures. Keeping that group attentive for 16 hours is an amazing feat! You not only did it, but you gave us (well speaking only for myself0 a new feel for what is possible – no more brown and round for me! 😉

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