Finnerty Workshop and More!

I recently drove to Santa Fe and visited my good friend Mike Jabbur. I also attended a week long workshop at Santa Fe Clay presented by ceramic artist, Kathryn Finnerty. Following you will see some images from the workshop (I should have taken more pictures!) and some scenery from my jaunts with Mike. (Some of you wanted to see my Chevy truck post so I moved it up. It is right after this post…just keep scrolling.)

Kathryn starts by carving intricate designs in plaster. She will lay a slab of clay over this then POUNCE upon it! To know what this means, you will have to take a Finnerty workshop…and you should!

The slab picks up the pattern off the plaster and she shapes the slab into various forms. In this soon to be cup, she cuts out a dart!

Then she closes the dart to create a change of form! I am using exclamation marks because she is so adept at this technique!

Kathryn made a paper pattern to help produce a pitcher. There are six p’s in that sentence.

She uses cardboard cylinders to lift slabs up and to initially support her forms.

Shaping, shaping, shaping.

I have observed many ceramic artists working. Kathryn Finnerty is definitely the fastest producer. By the time you scroll down to the next image, she will have made…

four handles! Yep, she is that fast.

After she made that pitcher body, she sliced it all up!

Then she squeeeeeezed it.

Then she blended the seams and then

I was distracted by my new shoe.

…and then she tweeeeeked the pitcher until it was ready for…

the fastest handle in the west. Kathryn is so fast…

I had to snap this image over and over to catch her scraping excess clay from her sprig. I was never fast enough to capture her pressing the flat side of the blade down to lift up the sprig from the plaster mold. She may have licked the blade. I don’t know. She was all a blur.

Kathryn Finnerty made lots of forms that week in Santa Fe. If you are a ceramic artist, you should go to a Finnerty workshop, too!

To see Kathryn’s lovely creations, click here NOW!

Scroll on down to see some New Mexico sights…

Three images of an exquisite gallery in Santa Fe, Toughing Stone

I stayed with my friend Mike who is a ceramic artist and studio manager of Santa Fe Clay.

I love a good road trip

…especially with a buddy. We ended up at Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch. Hope you enjoy the scenery, too…

…wildfire out of control north of Santa Fe.

A great workshop at a wonderful clay studio in a lovely area of our country. And the highlight of my trip?

…time shared with a friend.


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  1. Great workshop pictures. Great new shoe. I am now homesick for New Mexico. Miss you all!

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