Pineapple Sorbet and Attention to Detail

Remember my Costco Koozies? Well, the Pineapple Sorbets are bigger so I need to size up my terracotta pinch pot! …and ewww…

…ewww, I ate this one a few days ago and left it …ewww on the floor by my chair and …ewww it is drying up and engulfing the …ewww spoon! Should I keep it as a pet? Should I rescue the spoon?

In the studio…





detail! And thinking about…

pink and grey and butter color…and gold and silver luster!


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves rinds and things on the floor next to my favorite chair, and then finds them again all gross and withered. I think you should rescue the spoon – it can be washed (or possibly bleached and boiled). It’s an awesome spoon! Also, how did you go about making that Pineapple Sorbet? It looks AMAZING.

    I love all the detail shots. Attention to detail is definitely something I need to work on. Nice details on other people’s pottery are always what draw me in.

    • The sorbets are from Costco! They are wonderful!

      • I guess I’m going to Costco!

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