Tara Bites The Bullet – Episode 1

Remember from the last post that I became wildly attracted to an item in Costco and it ended up in the back of my truck?

Well now it is in my kitchen.

It came with cups…

Look at this…

a veritable plethora of cups!

Now I have bladey things.

It also came with…


There was a big thing in the box.

It presents me with danger, also.

Included were some…

…rubbery ringy thingys,

a couple of lids and…

lids with little holes in them and…
lids with lids!

And to top it all off! … “THE


Here is a…

close up.

This brought even more…

danger into my kitchen.

Keep in mind that “THE MAGIC BULLET”…

does any job in 10 seconds!


job in 10 seconds or less?
Of course I decided to put it to a test…

I chose the small cup option.

The small cup, itself, is quite dangerous.

I also chose a small yet unwelcome task…

Four seconds, flat! I am excited.



4 Responses

  1. OH MY GOD! It really does ANYTHING in 10 seconds or less. However, is the risk of loss of digit really worth it? I mean you could probably make your own bed in 12 seconds with minimal risk.

    • You just want it for yourself!

  2. Live dangerously and drink happy!

  3. That’s nothing. You should see my Roomba groom my cat.

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