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Tara Bites The Bullet – Episode #4
August 29, 2010

Bath time!

Oh my, this looks like a big job. Such a big truck to clean! Remember, it’s a…

lonnnnnngggggg bed!

Not to worry! My Magic Bullet does any job…

in ten seconds!


Ah, look at the water bead up on that wax job!

The Magic Bullet. Big job…

…5 seconds!

It even remembered that final touch that I, for one, cannot do without…

Teran Workshop
August 28, 2010

OK blog readers…sorrrry. My computer and camera have not been on speaking terms. (It is a new relationship.) Needless to say, flowers were purchased, concessions were uttered, a candle was lit. Catching up on posts now…

Our first workshop at the new Red Star Studios… Daniel Ricardo Teran.

Daniel came to Kansas City with his car loaded up with lovely pots and lots and lots of “stuff” for the workshop.

He showed us his “stuff”. (He likes little details and little items)

He brought several forms to show us how he…

uses the sgraffito technique.

Daniel made a nifty tool to cut slabs. If you go to one of Daniel’s workshops, you will know how to make one, too!

Who doesn’t like Mud tools??

Here he is laying a decorated slab into a slump mold.

If you go to a Daniel Teran workshop, you will learn why he is verrry particular about the edges of his mold. Are they sharp or rounded? Ha! You do not know!

Daniel likes to feel the coolness of the clay upon his chest when he works.

Just kiddin’


Seriously, though, Daniel Ricardo Teran presented a wonderful workshop. In just half a day…

we learned about applying slips with silkscreens and stencils.

He showed us some press molds…


Watch this. He is concentrating very deeply. I think he is going to use his head…

Yep, I was right!

All that and a gallery talk!

And then! And then!!

And then he made a 50 pound platter. If you scroll through very quickly, it will seem as though you were there…

Oh, that didn’t really work to scroll through very fast, did it? You’ll just have to take a workshop to see the full effect. And if you weren’t there, don’t worry, you can still take home lovely pottery made by the hands and heart of Daniel Ricardo Teran…

This one went home with me.