Tara Bites The Bullet – Episode 5

Time to glaze pottery. A big job so I am getting out the Magic Bullet because it…

any job…

Ten seconds or less! Well, glazing is a big job. Let’s see what the Magic Bullet can do. I chose the small cup for this job.

First, the sgraffito surfaces must be sanded to remove the burs.

A lot of sanding ahead. Is the Magic Bullet up to the task?

After sanding, each piece is thoroughly washed to remove the dust.

The Magic Bullet takes no chances with water. Safety first!

After the pots sit overnight to dry…

Wax is applied to some of the surfaces in order to resist the glaze.

Liner glazes are poured into the insides of the forms.

Teapots are tricky!…

Sometimes wax is applied over one glaze so that the pot can be dipped into another color.

The Magic Bullet mixes alumina hydrate into the wax when getting the lids ready. That way the lid won’t fuse onto the pot…

Finally, the pots are ready to be dipped into the glaze. Dipping tongs are a challenge when you don’t have an opposable thumb.

The Magic Bullet takes every precaution when loading the kiln. Here it is double checking the height of the post needed.

Look, a perfect fit…
The Magic Bullet even made up the cone packs and loaded some work for George, Carolyn, and Maria!

All this was done in 9 seconds! What a big job. Glad I have a Magic Bullet! (Perhaps I should have used the large cup this time.)

Ready to unload. I’ll do this myself and let the Magic Bullet rest up for the next big job!


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