Sneak Peek

My new body of work will be making its debut at M&I Bank, 12th and Nall (Leawood Arts Council) and Red Star Studios, 2100 Walnut (Crossroads District) tomorrow night, the First Friday in October. Porcelain, with additions of white and yellow gold luster will be featured.

I will be in Leawood between 6 and 7pm and back up at Red Star by 7:30.

Your sneak peek…

4 Responses

  1. I wish I could be there! Can you put up more pictures of your stuff please?

    • I am going to start photographing my work at Red Star tonight, actually. The work at the bank will have to wait…the show comes down in two weeks.
      Nice to hear from you!

  2. Do you have any boxes like you made in Santa Fe – you threw it and it had an industrial design? My daughter, Beka, is coming tomorrow night. I’m going to tell her what I want and I’d love one of those and anything else!

    • I do, I do. We have a display area at the east end of the studio and I have several of those forms there.
      ($70- 110)
      I also made some wee, tiny ones…good for holding business cards! ($40)

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