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January 19, 2011

Wednesday morning…time for Advanced Ceramics class. This session’s theme is Bases! Today we discussed reasons that ceramic pieces have bases…

This is a teapot I made a long time ago. It is wee. It is also the first form in which I utilized a base. A base can be used to make something appear just a little more special.

This tiny, two inch cup has more presence with it’s base, don’t you think?

Nathan Carris Carnes made this diminutive vase and base. Notice how the form of each relates to the other…

I think this saucer deserves to be called a base. It was made by Kelly Damron and is only about three inches tall…

You might think there is a pattern here but things on bases do not have to be minuscule. This is not…

…and the base is a pot! This was made by Sylvie Granatelli.

I made this…

It is called “Porcelain Cream and Sugar Of Which The Sugar Bowl Has A Dog Head So That It Relates Well To The Earthenware Base Which Has Two Dog Heads And Looks Like It Is An Ancient Artifact Dredged Up From The Red Sea.”

Red Star’s New Website!
January 17, 2011

Have you seen our new website? Classes starting this week! Deb Schwartzkopf workshop coming soon!
Be sure and check out the “Blog” section…access at the bottom of the home page! …”Studio Insider”!
I am the “Studio” blogger! Do you need a ! ? I have some extras!!!

Fun For Tara
January 11, 2011

Several years ago I was in New York City and bought a small print from a fellow who had set up a table on the sidewalk. A NYC memento…sweet…

The artist asked, “What do you do?” I said, “I’m a potter.” His eyes lit up and he cupped his hands and exclaimed, “Oh! I just love how a bowl feels in my hands!” He was so passionate about his soup bowl that I said to him, “You know what? I’m going to send you a bowl.” Coincidentally, perhaps even oddly, I had been spending time in my studio making small bowls specifically to feel good in the hands. So I jotted down his address and when I returned home, I sent him a bowl similar to this one.

A few weeks later I received a wee print in the mail…

Notice the title, “Fun For Tara”. Wasn’t that nice?

I was thinking about this little print because I noticed today how well it goes with the amaryllis given to me by my buddy, John Eck. It just bloomed out this week John, but wow…it sure is pretty. Thanks!

January 10, 2011

Intermediate/Advanced Throwing – Orchid Edition

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Monday 6 – 9pm
Session 1: Jan. 17 – Feb. 21
Instructor: Tara Dawley
$150 plus $55 Lab Fee

Are you an intermediate or advanced student who would like participate in a class that goes beyond the usual? Then, the Orchid Vessels class is for you. Enjoy a presentation by orchid grower David Bird, owner of
Birds Botanicals. Then, spend 6 weeks designing and making containers from clay using a variety of techniques. Choose your favorite and on the last class night, students will meet at David’s cave (yes, cave!) where he will teach an additional class on the planting and care of that beautiful plant, the orchid. Each student will receive an orchid to plant in his or her own vessel. Wheel throwers and hand builders are welcomed to this session that presents an opportunity for extra exploration – orchids…and caves!

Note that this is a 7 week class.