Countdown Day 74

Debbie Wald, local Kansas City potter, has graciously offered her studio to me for the summer. Her summers are a Bang! and she is very busy with the family business. Until then I will be doing other things like…

Photography! No, no, I am not a photographer, I am a potter. E.G. Schempf is the photographer. He shot this image recently. Yeah, yeah, it’s a pretty budvase but look at the background! It’s magical! It’s wizardly! Well, actually it is the result of a vast amount of skill and experience. I spent the bulk of the day today unwrapping, shuffling, and wrapping pots as E.G. shot a bunch of new work. Next week I will be sitting down with my website manager and you will soon see the big change on my website. “Big change” because during the last year, I have changed the look of my body of work. Remember the green carved pots?

This vase is on the cover of “Surfaces, Glazes & Firing” by Angelica Pozo and is owned by Bonnie Schlesselman, the owner of Potters’ Depot.

That aesthetic had been the bulk of my work for several years. Then “the narrative” started to filter in…

About a year ago I switched to porcelain, stopped making the green carved work, and began to develop new forms. E.G. will have the new images to me soon! Take a look at my website now and say “bye bye”…


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