Countdown – Day 72

Food. Rituals. Food rituals. They permeate our cultures at every level. Some are opulent…

Some are not…

Sometimes I have an acquaintance with rituals from other cultures…

Sometimes I do not…

I had a hard time deciding which is the strangest aspect of this food ritual. My conclusion…the sports bra on the right (the lingerie on the left seems to make sense, somehow).

Anyway…imagine an extravaganza of ritual in your city or town. It would involve food, of course. Here, in Kansas City, it will include art. It will look something like this…

Just kidding! This is what I am talking about:

THE DINING ROOM PROJECT: Intersections of Food, Art, and the Rituals of Eating is a collaborative project initiated by the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art (KCJMCA) for its Museum Without Walls program and in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. The purpose of the project is to provide a series of meaningful forums in which to consider our multifaceted relationship with food. With this project, the traditions, rituals, structures, and conviviality of the dining room become a platform for the exploration of issues such as hunger, sustainability, public health, consumption, the origins of food, its history of cultural symbolism, and its ever-evolving role as a vehicle for communication, community-building, and creative expression.

A component of this seven week research- and event-based project that will include a series of gatherings, talks, discussions, screenings, meals, interactions, and happenings, will be exhibitions at the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Paragraph Gallery and the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art’s Epsten Gallery.

Today I had a visit from the curators who have selected a grouping of my work to be shown during this multi-faceted event…

Do you really think I would give you more than a sneak peak? You’ll have to wait for the events, March 18 – May 7. Until then, visit the Charlotte Street Foundation…cultivating an environment in which artists and art thrive.


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  1. What is the adage…when a door is closed, God always opens a window…

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