Day 66

Countdown. Sixty six more days and I will be working in a studio making pretty pots. Until then I will be…uh, you know all those “jobs” we get done by squeezing them into our work day? I am doing that. Tags for my car, trying to get health insurance, sorting paperwork, expunging paperwork, deleting contacts…not yours of course! …etc. etc. Oh…and, uh that job search thing…geez! Looking forward to time spent with friends, new images of my work, working with my website manager, etc. etc. Did take time out for a little road trip. Guess where I went:

No, I did not stop in Tapawingo. But I do know something about that fair city…Monday is trash day and residents can set out six bags of trash. Six! Can you imagine? What fortunate residents, the Tapawingoes.

Perhaps this was my destination…

No, no, I did not go to the outlet mall. I will not.

Wait a minute…what’s this?

Could it be…


Merrily on, I go…

I did not stop here either. Really. Not. Didn’t. DID NOT!

I was going to stop in Houstonia but…

it has a total area of 0.2 square miles. Those six tire rotations blew me right by before I could brake.

Did I go to Booneville?

Nope. But you can read about Bunceton on
Did you get that? There is a website to tell us about small towns and it is called epodunk! What a podunk idea.

Rocheport. Shoulda’…dinna.

Shoulda’ because Frommers considered it one of “America’s Top 10 Coolest Small Towns”.

Dinna because…

…well, actually I must confess that I did not stop in Centralia either. I would go back to the annual Anchor Festival but I will be in Santa Fe, teaching. hmmm, maybe I could catch the Optimist’s Catfish Tournament in April….there’s gotta be some frying going on then!

and…aaaannnnndddddd…I did not stop in Truxton. But I did research this fine community in the areas of arts and culture, entertainment, vital records, and tourism and I discovered that…

…the pollen levels are low in Truxton today. That is all.

I am getting closer to my destination now…and I’ll speed this up a bit…

…right turn.

Wait a minute…am I being followed?

I think that white van is following me!

Perhaps I can lose him on the bridge!

Well..that didn’t work! And he’s moving in!

Quick! I’ll lose him on this turn…yikes!

There. Lost him. That was close. And now I am close. Close to my final destination!

My baby! Next post, fun with Whitney!

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  1. Oh, So nice. In the arms of your baby. Perfect. C

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