Santa Fe, Here I Am!

Yes, I am in Santa Fe. And you are not. Unless, of course, you are here. Maybe you are going to attend the workshop on Saturday…
I came out a few days early to enjoy the company of my friend, to make a new friend, and to enjoy the spectacular weather.

The drive out was spectacular, as you can see here…

When I travel, I shun typical tourist activities…

…as you can see here.

I did see the Rio Grande from afar…

Very far…

And I did see the Rio Grands from up close…

But not too close…

…I did not get wet.

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of my show with Mike Jabbur and Nick Bivins!


3 Responses

  1. Kinsley, KS – my birthplace!

  2. If you have time (!) get thee to the International Folk Art Museum, and check out the pottery retrospective at the Museum of the American Indian….have fun! Eat green chili on everything- it’s the law.

  3. Bring me a rock, please. 🙂 (Cheesy grin)

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