What’s going on here…

Handles? Yes, handles for…


cups…and more cups…

And no, I didn’t forget to make the…

saucers or the…

tray for the…

sugar bowl and creamer.

I even made…

coffee pots!

Time to check on Buttercup…

Someone does not get up with the chickens!

Hey, you woke me up!

Come on, I want you to meet Sheldon! …

Yeah, whatever.


2 Responses

  1. Hi.. I just happened upon your blog while searching “pretty handles on cups”. I normally abstain from them.. for 2 reasons; I’ve never been that good at pulling them and I think that’s it :”) maybe there’s something else. Anywho.. you have given me some inspiration for trying harder/more. I love these and how they look as they are sitting on the cup as opposed to just simply attached. Thank you. And Buttercup is so adorable I wanna hug her/him. Take care.

    • Instead of pulling a handle from a plug of clay, attach a tapered plug of clay to your wheel head and pinch it into shape. Pinch until the handle is 1/2 – 3/4 “done”… Then pull the handle as usual.
      If I can get someone to man my camera, I’ll post a handle lesson soon!
      p.s. I teach workshops!

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