Extinction Alert!

Alligator mississippiensis, fondly known as gator.
Until recently, the habitat of the alligator included all of North America, excluding Canada. Beginning in 1794, settlers utilized the gator as workmates during their treks across new territories.

During the late 1800’s the American Alligator proliferated. Family companions, they were often seen on city streets as well as seaside resorts. By the mid twentieth century, virtually all American families included at least one American Alligator. Valued especially by those with toddlers, this creature has been instrumental in the development of this country’s social and cultural structure.

Sadly, in a few months time, this beloved species has become nigh extinct. This near extinction has been chronicled in the following photographs taken from June 15 through November 12, 2011…

The last know American Alligator is thought to reside in a koi pond in Overland Park, Kansas…south of 95th street, near the Missouri line.


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  1. aaaawwwww!! I believe I know where that is…..

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