A Day In the Life of Tara

Up and out the door early for a pretty drive into the city…

First stop… left a board on a friend’s front porch. She will make art with it, I’m sure…

A quick hello to Burt/Alice. (I can’t tell them apart)…

Next stop… picked up a box from another friend’s front porch…

Do you see the name on the box?
T-Dawg. Yep, that’s me.
Next stop, the Kansas City Clay Guild to leave my lidded jar and paperwork for the Holiday Tour. December will be here before you know it. Oh noooo.


Next stop… Stopped by another friend’s house for just a minute.

It’s a front porch kinda day.
Next, north to the Plaza…

Hey, isn’t that my spot way down there for the Plaza Art Fair?

Resisted the temptation for a cuppa joe…

North on Broadway. One of my favorite city views…

…to my bank…undoubtedly the best bank in the universe…

East. East to Metal by the Foot.
I need metal! A metal rod for my booth at the… did you know that I will be at the Plaza Art Fair? Booth #316 !

A quick stop for a very late lunch…

Then back to the studio to pick up the last firing of pots. Plaza Art Fair. This weekend. Be there or be square. Or diamond shape. Or just be currrvey…



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  1. I want to have days in the life of Tara….

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