Hospital Cups!

In 2006, I …well, I had a little coma. Long story. During, after, and ever since my long recovery, I was and remain very grateful to my family and friends. Among my friends, I count the staff at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City.

The staff at the hospital took my broken little body, nurtured it back to good health, and made it strong again.

When I finally made it back to my studio I was determined to find a way to thank those who had done so much for me.
I am a maker. I make pots.

Although only months before I had been making platters from fifty pounds of clay, I quickly discovered that I could only work with one half of a pound. So I sat my, still too little, self down and made little cups.

I gave a few to my family and friends who directly took care of me. Those, I could thank personally. There are many people who helped me out in various ways. I could not make enough cups! I am very thankful for all of you whether you purchased my pots to help me pay my medical bills or simply sent me a healing thought.

I took fifty cups to St. Luke’s, leaving 25 on the seventh floor and 25 in the therapy gym. And I have been doing this every year since because I remain very grateful for the good care that I received. So, folks at St. Luke’s, this is your thank you:

When I arrived at St. Luke’s from a hospital far away, I weighed only 72 pounds. Every organ in my body had either failed or was close to failing. The first thing you did was save my life.
Then you put me back together. My doctors, nurses, and therapists did a great job.

But more than doing a great “job”, the staff gave me so much kindness. John sang to me every morning when he came to let the sun shine in the window. Caroline made me laugh so often that I considered it “physical therapy”. And therapy? Oh my, you therapists in the 4th floor gym! How can you be such “ass kickers” and still be so loved? That’s talent.

Thank you for saving my life. I think of you often and always will. Enjoy your little cup, knowing that you are indeed greatly appreciated.


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  1. How very wonderful of you!!!! I work in a hospital and I know how those staff appreciate your thinking of them.

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