How To Make a Vase

It’s easy. But it’s very important to start off right.
Mmmm, coffee…

Throw a cylinder. Make it kinda tall…

But don’t put a bottom in it! Geez…IMG_1995

Stick a fancy shmancy one on it instead…

Cut the bottom to match the vase then bevel the edge…

Did you know that if you use porcelain you don’t have to score the clay where pieces will attach? Porcelain fuses to itself during the firing. Scoring is unnecessary…

Score it if you are a chicken.

Adjust the bottom edge of the cylinder to match the beveled floor…

Uh…fix that place where you bumped it while reaching for your coffee.

Cut a chunk out some where just for a giggle…

And this is easy, just stick some stuff on. It’ll be alright…

Get some wires ready to poke in later. (This part is a distraction. To ease the tension because you have been concentrating so hard)…

Did you know that if you work a little Dawn dish detergent into a brush that will be used for waxing that the brush will clean up much, much easier? Just Dawn. Only Dawn. (I was not paid to say that) Really, only Dawn works. Any of the amazing variations of Dawn Dish Detergent will make your life easier. (Tell Procter and Gamble I said that.)

Waxing little pieces can help during the drying process. Maybe this little diamond won’t crack off while the clay shrinks…

This is easy. Put on a layer of engobe. Why is it that spell check doesn’t like this word, engobe? It isn’t in the Merriam Dictionary, either. Google knows this word. Anyway, brush it on…

Step away, go for a ride, run an errand. The engobe needs to dry a bit.

(This pic of my truck is so good, it looks like an ad doesn’t it? Took it with my iPhone.)

Well that was fun. Now back to work. Put on that last layer of engobe and poke in those wires or sumthun…

Now comes the easy and quick part. Make a bunch more!

Make them all a little different and…

Maybe one of them will look like this. Well, yours won’t look like this. But it will be lovely, too.


You may see this vase and more at Rafter E Studio. 4501 Fairmount, in the West Plaza area. We are open on Saturday afternoons, now!


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